This is not your standard “see the holy sites” kind of tour. While you will do and see some things that are normal to tours, like walking the streets of Jerusalem and other popular places, you will also explore Samaria-the Biblical heartland, the Golan, the Negev, and more. The purpose of this experience is to enable you to fully connect with the Land of Israel, the People of Israel and most important, the God of Israel. You will see sites and connect to people that most visitors to Israel never get to experience. You will travel The Land with a Bible in your hand and experience the Israel most never even dream to know .

"When you connect with the land, the land will connect with you."

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Your Tour Leader: Mikell Clayton

In March of 1998 I had the great privilege of going to Israel for the first time. My desire was not just to be a tourist, but to experience much more. My goals were two fold. First, I desired to touch the soil of the land that I had read about for so long, to see it as Abraham had looked upon it and to walk the steps that Yeshua had walked. Second, I wanted to feel the heartbeat of my brothers and sisters, the Jewish people.God honored my desires on that first trip and has done so now on 29 trips to Israel. .My desires have never changed from that first experience, but now it is my privilege to take others to The Land. Come be a part of the fulfillment of prophecy and this life defining event.The motto of our tour seems to be "other groups never come here" We will go to many places and meet many people most tourists never have a chance to see. From a walk in the Jerusalem market to a visit in the home of an Israeli friend, you just never know what appointments HaShem may have for us as we walk through His  Land, His House,  His Neighborhood.        EMAIL  for more info

Your Tour Guide: Hanoch Young

Hanoch Young , international speaker and author, is one of Israel's most dynamic Tour Guides. Having been born and raised in the Bronx, New York, Hanoch was involved with many Jewish activist causes while living in the US. Since fulfilling his dream to move to Israel, he has expanded his work to focus upon building Bridges among all lovers of Israel, worldwide.  Hanoch's love for Israel is only matched by his love for the family HaShem is returning to Israel. His desire is to walk in mutual respect of differences as HaShem brings each person into their own experience of connecting to Israel



An Important Note:

Connect To Israel tours seek to bless Israel and the Jewish people. We do not use Palestinian bus companies or hotels in East Jerusalem. We do not tour in Palestinian controlled areas or support  the Palestinian economy.

Testimonial from a recent tour:

Where to begin and where to end, so many thoughts and emotions still running rampant, and yet ever so clear.  First, thank you so much for all that you have poured into the tour, it was quite remarkable, and memorable for so many reasons, but it was more than a tour for me, it was a series of divine appointments, and prophetic fulfillments, from Yerushalayim to Caesarea.  You left nothing out, every opportunity to connect with all that HaShem is doing not only in Israel, but also in the nations was right before our eyes.  You and Hanoch have a very distinct and prophetic calling that was made evident on every stop, illuminating and highlighting the past to bring forth the reality of the near present restoration of the whole house of Israel.  The accommodations were perfect and the food was delicious, a constant reminder of all that HaShem is doing to bring Israel back to life.  I’m so grateful to have spent those 2 weeks with Mike and Hanoch, and to experience all that He is revealing and fulfilling in our day.

November 5 - November 17, 2023