I want to thank Mike and Hanoch for connecting me to the land of Israel and it’s people. This trip was more then I could have imagined. I spent the last 2 weeks with some incredible people and seeing history come alive. If you want an understanding of the Bible and our brothers and sisters the Jewish people, then the Connect to Israel trip is for you. You will see Israel like no other “tour” can offer! You will see “the rest of the story”....not what the media wants you to see.


Shalom my brothers,

Many times I’ve had it on heart to write you and thank you from the depths of my heart for our Tour in the Holy Land !

We found the tour so well planned and carried out ,even when unknown circumstances came your way, you showed such poise, patience and professionalism.  It helped to assure us that we were in good hands and we needn’t be uneasy about our safety or security.

The two of you are such an awesome team together, we truly enjoyed the teachings along the way, whether on the bus or on the land.  They made our adventure so much richer and meaningful. Up until recently we were so over whelmed by all we saw and heard throughout the journey ,we really couldn’t put into words how much our lives had been impacted by the Grace of Hashem in putting us in touch with the Best Tour and Tour Guides in Israel .

Our love for Israel grows deeper everyday, as does our love of Hashem!

Because of your Love, Obedience, and Sacrifice, our lives will never be the same again. Nothing we’ve ever done and no where we have travelled to, has impacted our lives so greatly. Everyone we meet hears about Israel and Yashua !

So many things in our lives that were once important have lost their significance.   It seems almost daily new thoughts and understanding of the tour keep reoccurring, it’s like the tour that just keeps giving LOL

We wish you both Great Blessings from Hashem, and look forward to meeting again.   God willing it will be in Israel!

One highlight I want to mention was the honour we had to listen to Rabbi Yehudah Glick, who just got engaged to be married!  Even though we heard him early on in the tour, I felt like I had my money’s worth, everything else was just bonus after bonus !

Shalom, thank you guys you are a remarkable team, even the humour was good but don’t give up the tours LOL

Where to begin and where to end, so many thoughts and emotions still running rampant, and yet ever so clear.  First, thank you so much for all that you have poured into the tour, it was quite remarkable, and memorable for so many reasons, but it was more than a tour for me, it was a series of divine appointments, and prophetic fulfillments, from Yerushalayim to Caesarea.  You left nothing out, every opportunity to connect with all that HaShem is doing not only in Israel, but also in the nations was right before our eyes.  You and Hanoch have a very distinct and prophetic calling that was made evident on every stop, illuminating and highlighting the past to bring forth the reality of the near present restoration of the whole house of Israel.  The accommodations were perfect and the food was delicious, a constant reminder of all that HaShem is doing to bring Israel back to life.  I’m so grateful to have spent those 2 weeks with you and Hanoch, and to experience all that He is revealing and fulfilling in our day.


More than hotels with great food, refreshing showers, comfortable beds, and polite service.  Connect to Israel is more than a tour, it is an adventure and experience.  I can’t   express how I have been moved and challenged in my heart and soul.  Mike Clayton and Hanoch Young are an excellent team and do their best to make sure everyone is accommodated.  I have been to Israel 6 times and the anointing was on us from the time I agreed with HaShem to go on this trip.  Participants will experience purpose in everything from meeting new people to shopping.  The past comes alive and gives meaning to the present and direction to the future.  The very reasonable cost of this tour is a spiritual investment with priceless value.

Mark and Rhonda

We have been on The Connect to Israel Tour twice.  I am hoping we will get to go again.  There are many tours you can take to Israel but on this one, they take you to places no one else does and you get to meet some amazing people.  The experience is one we will never forget. The scenery is so beautiful, the activities are enjoyable, the education is amazing.  I can’t say enough about this tour, or the leader Mike Clayton and the guide, Hanoch Young.


I really can’t express how fearful I was of going on the Israel trip.

Everything about it seemed overwhelming - I wasn’t used to travelling alone, had never been on a bus trip, or even shared a room with anyone except my husband - but my fear of flying was by far the biggest barrier.

I had taken just one short flight in recent years and had sworn to myself ‘never again!’

But my longing to go to Israel just wouldn’t go away; in fact it only grew stronger, and I knew that the Father was asking me one question - did I trust Him?

I didn’t feel He was saying ‘do you trust me to take you safely there, give you an easy time and bring you safely back?’ but rather, did I trust that He was in control whatever the outcome might be.

Well, to cut a long story very short, I knew there was only one answer I could give, and I am SO thankful that I was enabled to take that step of faith.

The trip took me a million miles outside of my comfort zone. It was far from easy, but it was the most blessed and wonderful time of my life and the Father sustained and provided moment by moment every step of the way. 

He truly enabled me to walk on water - but I had to step out of the boat!

So, please don’t let fear rob you of the chance to experience the Land with Mike and Hanoch. I’m still no fan of flying, but I would go back tomorrow if only I could...


Wes & I had an incredible, enlightening experience on our tour to the land of Israel in October 2016. Meeting the people of the land in their communities , hearing their life experiences and love of the God of the Torah. Their tenacity, vibrancy, resilience! in the  midst of obstacles & hardships , but yet at the same time experiencing the blessings, fruitfulness  of Hashem in their lives & land. Leah was one of my favorites , her love for Hashem , the land & her recognition of Joseph, we, the rest of tribes or sojourners, in covenant with the God of Israel. As she said " when the enemy tries to kill , steal & destroy , we build , baby build " .

Wes was really blessed by the children of Shiloh , the school & work there to bring restoration, healing to the children. Lev Haolam is helping the Artisans of Israel in midst of the boycott, which we are a part of both ministries. 

Prophetically the wine vineyards in areas that were desserts , are producing high quality wines! Thanks to Mike & Hanoch for their hearts , love , devotion to Hashem & Israel !


We had the privilege of being on Mikell Clayton's and Hanoch Young's "Connect to Israel" tour in the Fall of 2017 and would highly recommend this as the best tour we have been on in Israel.

To us this was a wonderful journey into the Land of our Forefathers, which came alive by the exciting teachings and explanations by our brother Hanoch from Yehudah and Mikell, our Ephramite brother.

We were taken to see many sites never visited by mainstream tours, many of which are of particular interest to those of us who believe that we are part of the biblical lost/disbursed Ephramite tribes of Northern Israel.

Mikell's and Hanoch’s personal contacts with the local residents whom we met as they took us to the many biblically significant sites throughout the Land from north to south made this journey particularly meaningful to us.

The meals, accommodations, and sites we visited as well as very well presented historical and biblical background information made this a wonderful journey at a very reasonable price - we know you will be truly blessed!


Blair & Linda