What is covered in the tour price?

The published price is an all inclusive land package. This includes all transportation, hotels, licensed Israeli guide, bus driver, entrance fees and even breakfast and dinner.

What are the payment options?

***To keep tour price as affordable as possible the $2750 tour price is based on check or cashiers check made payable to Joined To Hashem. If you would like to pay via PayPal or Credit Card a 3% processing fee will be added. ***

What is not covered?

Airfare, any travel insurance you may desire, lunches and shopping.

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Why is the Connect To Israel tour cheaper than most tours?

We do not use a tour company to book through This in itself saves hundreds of dollars. We do everything possible to keep our costs to a minimum without taking anything away from your comfort, safety and the overall expreience. We stay in amazing hotels and travel in the comfort of an air conditioned bus. Our goaland focus  is to take as many people as possible to Israel, not make money.

What about safety?

Israel is constantly in the news and normally in a bad light. We do not tour areas of conflict or Palestianian occupation. Your safety is our priority. For this reason we do not stay in East Jerusalem hotels or use Arab owned bus companiies. Your tour leader and licenced guide desire for you to have a peaceful and impacting tour.

Does the group fly to Israel together?

There was a time the answer was yes, but with people coming from all over the US and other counties to join the tour it is just not practical. For those not familiar with booking airlines, we are here to help. You will be given detailed instructions regading flights, arrivals and departures. If there are others joining the tour from your area we will help put you in contact with them so you can fly in together

Can I arrive in Israel before the tour or stay after?

You are welcome to do either. You will be given the date and time to meet the group and will be responsible for your own transportaion as well as cost of. If you stay after, we will strive to help you to your destination if possible. In the end, you will be responsible.

Can I just join the tour for only certain days?

While we understand we are all adults, unless arrainged prior to the tour, you will be expected to be with the group the complete time.

What is a normal day like?

Each day will be filled with the sights, sounds and people of Israel. We do not believe it is enough to just see Israel, but to also meet Israelis. Connect To Israel is about relationship. You will meet people who are part of the rebirth and establishment of Israel. Our mornings will begin with a buffet breakfast at the hotel. Our bus will normally be leaving the hotel about 8:30 or so depending on the day. We try to be back to the hotel by around 5PM. Evenings are spent on such places as Ben Yehuda street, the Biblical Garden in Ariel, the Boardwalk in Tiberius or a special speaker meeting with the group. Our approach to the tour is to give you time to enjoy and experience.

Do we tour on Shabbat?

No. Shabbat is a day of rest. We will have a Torah study in the late morning. You are free to walk to The Wall or just enjoy some fellowship.

How many people will be on the tour?

We limit the tour to no more than 30 people. We are all on one bus. The smaller size allows us more flexability and makes for a more enjoyable experience.

How about shopping?

"Retail Therapy" which is also known as "Blessing Israel" will be a part of most every day. You will be given plenty of time to make sure you take some of Israel back to your "Temporary exile." We will not take you to shops which simply line the pockets of the tour guide, leader and bus driver at your expense. We will recommend shops we trust and will be close to help with any special purchases you need to make.

What about dress?

Israel is very diverse in dress. Many tourists do not give much thought to their own appearance. We suggest you dress modestly. This means different things to different people. Our standard is no low cut tops, tank tops and the like. Shorts are permitted on certain days, but are not suggested. No "Witnessing wear" will be allowed! Simply put, let's be respectful in another persons house.


We believe in respecting boundaries. Leaving the tracks and t-shirts at home, we are in Israel to develop trusting relationships.

Everything else?

Most questions will be answered by email communication prior to the tour. We wil deal with money exchange, weather and such. If you have any other questions please EMAIL.